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Native mSata SSDs

Native Sata SSDs

Fastest 240GB SATA III 2.5" SSD 560/470 MB/s R/W

Fast 256GB SATA III 2.5" SSD 560/396 MB/s R/W

Full size, full capacity SD cards. To my surprise the 32Gb one is TomTom GO 720 compatible despite being >4Gb

Wave 32GB SD Card
Wave 32GB SD Card
Wave 64GB SD Card
Wave 64GB SD Card
Wave 128GB SD Card
Wave 128GB SD Card

Barebone vs 2.5inch SATA

If you are brave

For those brave enough to pay via Family & Friends*, EU signed, tracked price and UK is minus 2.4%+20p and EU for non-signed, non-tracked is minus 2.4%+20p+7.60-2.30 large letter not signed price difference.

Or ask for a quote over email especially if buying more than one.

1 year warranty applies regardless of the way you pay.

*To pay via Family & Friends, go to your PayPal, choose send money, paste my email, choose Family & Friends, choose, 'I will pay fees' if any. Make sure you put what you are buying in notes field and your address otherwise I would have to ask you what you paid for and where you live via separate email
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